Above: Mads' main guitar, "Eugen Mads Eriksen Signature Tele"
- Swamp ash body
- Maple neck
- Pau Ferro fingerboard
- 25 1/2" scale
- 6105 Dunlop frets
- slim U neckshape
- soft heel neckjoint
- EMG pickups, 81 (bridge) and 85 (neck)
- ETS tremolo system
- Schaller Security locking tuners


- Eugen handmade electric w/Seth Lover humbucker in bridge position and Fender Texas Special singlecoils in middle- and neck position. ETS tremolo system
- Eugen basic Telecaster with Seymour Duncan classic tele pickups
- Eugen electric with Don Lace pickups and Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo system
- 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard
- Takamine classical/elec.
- Marma 6-string banjo
- Levin steel-string acoustic
- Martin OM 16 GT acoustic


Main setup:
Laney TT100H top
Laney TT412A cabinet

VHT Ultra lead 3-channel Pittbull Amplifier
VHT 4x12? speaker cabinet

For smaller venues:
Laney TT50 combo with a 12"speaker.

Other amps include a Fender '70s style Pro Reverb


Roland VG-88 guitar system
Sessionmaster 19" rackmount. preamp
Award/Sessionmaster JD-10 preamp


Yamaha SPX90
Line 6 delay modulator
Boss DS1 distortion box
Boss CE2 chorus
Boss CS3 compressor/sustainer
Boss BF2 Flanger
Boss TU2 Cromatic tuner
Boss volume pedal
Cry Baby wah-wah
MXR dynaComp compressor
Line 6 Filter Modulator
Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter
MXR phase 100 


GHS Boomers 0.09-0.46


Dean Mandolin
TM cases pedal board (PB04)