31/12 2009: 2010 AROUND THE CORNER

Hi everybody,
I wish to thank you all for all the great times i 2009. This year has been my busiest ever, and on the professional side, most enjoyable - it was great to do the N3 tour with two of my heroes, Terje Rypdal and Ronnie Le Tekro in March/April, all our 17 shows were really well attended, the audiences were fantastic and the reviews phenomenal. I'm very pleased that we seem to get more and more gigs with Chris Thompson, this year we have played more than ever. We have done two extensive tours in Germany (May and October) as well as touring Norway and doing separate gigs and festivals in Germany, Holland, Austria and Norway.
I also happy that we keep the ball rolling with both Mad&Hungry and The Rolling Clones, which means a lot to me, too.
Plans for 2010 includes the release of my new album on February 15, touring with Chris Thompson in Germany in April, festivals in the summer with Chris and N3.
Thanks a billion times to all of you who visit this site, comes to my shows and listen to my music. I wish you all health, wealth and happiness in 2010!
Mads' new solo album is in the final mixing stages and will be released on MTG Productions on February 15 2010. The album is recorded, mixed and produced by Frank Hovland, co-produced by Mads and contains 10 brand new songs written by Mads: Destroyer/Praying for a Miracle/Tropical Storm/Down in the Sumps/Falcon/Admission of Failure/Yukon River /Bacteria/Mad Erik/In the Streets and Alleys of the Town. There will also be a bonus track.
The musicians on the album is Frank Hovland (bass, programming and percussion), Gunnar Bjelland (keyboards) and Zsolt Meszros (drums nad percussion).
The album, with the working title "Just what the world needs", will be Mads first solo release in 9 years.

01/10 2009: KICK START

The 18-date tour of Chris Thompson and Mads Eriksen Band starts (or "kick-starts" as they always say about rock tours for some reason) in Stryn, Norway tonight. They will play 10 gigs in Norway over the next three weeks and then 8 gigs in Germany and Belgium between October 23 and 31.
We almost forgot to tell you about the gig in Florø kulturhus, Florø on Wednesday October 7. Oops..

23/09 2009: NEW GERMAN GIG

.. in Roncalli Speigelzelt, Cologne, Thursday, September 24 (Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band).

10/09 2009: NEW SONG FROM MADS

A demo/rough mix of the song "Mad Erik" from Mads' upcoming solo album, due out in October, is available on Mads' myspace profile. The album will be Mads eight solo release and the first in 8 years, his latest release was "Redhanded" (2001). As you know, Mads has since collaborated with Chris Thompson on the "Rediscovery" CD (2004) and the live DVD "One hot night in the Cold" (2005) and with blues artist Hungry John on the album "Travelin' ".
Further details on the new solo album will follow soon.

09/09 2009: BIKE WEEK

Chris Thompson and Mads with band (Gunnar Bjelland, Frank Hovland and Zsolt Meszaros) will perform at European Bike Week in Faak Am See, Austria, on Saturday September 12. For more information about the event, see
German dates for late October will be announced soon. Details about a rumoured show in Cologne, Germany will follow soon.

02/08 2009: BUSY, BUSY


It is confirmed that Chris and Mad will play Smuget in Oslo for the first time in four years on August 8, the day after the show at Gressvik Rock Weekend (see review of last years show at Gressvik in the 2008 archives)


A bunch of new gigs for Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band in Norway in October, also 8 new german dates between October 23 - 31 to be announced soon. There's is also a couple of Mad&Hungry and Rolling Clones dates set. Here is the new gigs:
 August 8: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band at Smuget, Oslo
 September 4: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band: charity gig at Landstuhl, Germany
 October 1: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band Stryn Kulturhus
October 8: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band Sunndal Kulturhus
October 10: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band at Blæst, Trondheim
October 15: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band at Ål Kulturhus, Ål
 October 23 -31: German Tour
 November 6/7: Mad&Hungry at Madam Felle, Bergen
November 14: Mad&Hungry at Buddy's, Drammen
November 20/21: The Rolling Clones at Madam Felle, Bergen


New gigs are set for Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, as well as Mad&Hungry and The Rolling Clones - Chris and Mads are in for an extensive tour of Norway in Sep/Oct (10-12 dates) as well as new German dates to be confirmed soon. These are the solid dates:
May 30: Mad&Hungry, Grevehagen Festival, Bergen
July 25: The Rolling Clones, Festevalen, Feste
August 7: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Gressvik Rock Weekend, Gressvik
August 15: Mad&Hungry. Private Party in Blomsterdalen, Bergen
October 2: Chris Thompson/ Mads Eriksen Band Sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik
October 3: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Fraktgodsen, Voss
October 9: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Dampsaga, Steinkjer
October 16: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Bærum, Sandvika
October 17: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Energimølla, Kongsberg
November 13: Mad&Hungry, Herr Nilsen, Oslo

25/05 2009: N3 INTERVIEW

The last edition of "Instrumental", a free magasine issued by the 4SOUND music retail chain, has an in-depth interview with N3, where Terje Rypdal, Ronnie Le Tekro and Mads talks guitars, equipment and offer tips on how to make YOU a guitar legend!
The magazine is available in all 4SOUND stores. 
30/04 2009 | Cutting Crew guesting
Cutting Crew frontman Nick Van Eede will be guesting with Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band on their annual gigs at Madam Felle's in Bergen on May 1 and 2. This is the fifth year in a row where Chris and Mads play at the club the first weekend of May with special guests - these events have seen artists like Leo Sayer, Katrina Leskanich and ex-Marillion singer Fish performing to jam-packed audiences.

12/04 2009: THEY KEEP COMING

They keep coming! Another great N3 review (pdf), this time from the concert in Lyngdal on March 13.

30/03 2009: MORE REVIEWS

Ecstatic review of N3 concert in Sogndal from Sogn Avis (pdf, Norwegian)

28/03 2009: REVIEW

Good review from the N3 concert in Ibsenhuset, Skien.

28/02 2009: MORE CONCERTS

Change in N3 Concertlist - new show added
The N3 tour, that started in Stavanger last Friday and went on with a sold-out concert in Bergen last Saturday, will start rolling again next week with a 11-shows-in-a-row leg. There has been one change: on March 13 they will play Lyngdal Konserthus instead of Larvik, as earlier announced. A new show has been added in Sogndal Kulturhus on Monday March 9.


After the annual concerts in Bergen on April30, May 1 and 2 Chris Thompson and Mads Eriksen Band will do 8 gigs in Germany and one in Holland. This is where they are going to play:
May 1 and 2: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Madam Felle, Bergen
May 7: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Berlin/"Quasimodo"
May 8: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Hamburg/"Down Town Bluesclub"
May 9: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Magdeburg/"Moritzhof"
May 10: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Melle/"Alter Ballsaal"
May 11: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Bemmel, Holland/ "MusikHuis de Kinkel"
May 13: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Ansbach/"Kammerspiele"
May 14: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Reichenbach/"Die Halle"
May 15: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Aschaffenburg/"Colossaal"
May 16: Chris Thompson/Mads Eriksen Band, Torgelow/"Stadthalle"


Well, here is another one: The Rolling Clones will deliver full tilt, alpine-free entertainment at Madam Felle in Bergen on April 3 and 4, so if you're not in a hurry to get to the mountains and put your life and good health in danger in insane skiing experiments, this is were to go.
The Rolling Clones will also play Rick's in Bergen on June 19 and 20. 



Mads starts off the new year with a clinic and solo concert at "Haugarock" in Tønsberg on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 January


Mads Eriksen solo concert at Haugarock, Tønsberg 24 Jan 2009

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